Ranks and Score
The player progression is accounted in his score which is determined by his Rank.

What is the score?

The score is a transaction, saved in the blockchain that give value the participation of the player.
For example, when the player is buying food, it adds to his score. Different actions are giving different reward. We can for example give more reward to the smart actions like resolving a puzzle, rather than giving to repetitive actions.
The score cannot go down, there is no substraction to your score, every score point won is definitively won.

The community heart beat.

The community heart beat is how much scores points total are added between all the different server at a global scale every day. It gives value to all the acts done by all the communities.

The community health.

The community health is the total score total in all the server since the launch of the game.

What are the Ranks?

The ranks are one of the most important value to consider for a player if he wants to progress in the game.
There are 15 ranks. They are recalculated every day (in the real world) at midnight.
We take the score of a W.O.K server and scale it into 15 ranks. Each rank corresponds to 1/15th of the core.
Your rank determines what you can do or not in the game. For exemple, to use some weapons, some spells, enter into some areas, rent some houses, you need to have a minimum rank.
The danger is that if you do not play, you may lose your rank because other's people will outperform you.

What is happening when you are losing your Rank?

When you are losing your rank, you cannot hold, use, and possess anything that requires a higher rank, in consequence, you are losing them as well. You can lose your house, your business, or your magic items because you miss the score threshold to keep your rank.

How to secure my Rank and avoid losing it?

The only way to secure your rank even if you are not playing, is to pay.
  • $10 / month secures Rank 1, it is the basic subscription. You can raise to Rank 15 while paying the minimum, but you are no guaranteed to stay at a higher rank.
  • $20 / month secures Rank 3
  • $30 / month secures Rank 5
  • 40 / month secures Rank 7
  • 50 / month secures Rank 10
Above 10, you have to play constantly to keep your rank.

Crowned people

When you reach Rank 15, you become crowned and you will never lose your rank. You have 'finished' the game.

Rank 12 and moderation

In order to become moderator, you need to have reached Rank 12 at least one time.