The Menu Options

The menus are used to setup the game and show the credits.
The menu is allowing the player to completely customize his keyboard to play the game.
It also supports the latest up to date features like DLSS and Raytracing.

Key Bindings

W,S,D,A to move in every directions.
Q to display a small menu to select the equipment.
TAB to open the inventory.
E to activate, push a button, enter a vehicle.
F to login into the terminals
Space to Jump and Climb
ALT to knee down and knee up
1,2,3,4,5 to quickly change your equipment with 1: nothing, 2- knives or swords, 3- guns, 4-rifles, 5- lights.
~ to access to the console or the chat
Shit + 1,2,3,4,5 to quickly cast a spell: 1-fire, 2-water, 3- ground, 4- electricity, 5-healing
C to switch from 3rd personne shooter to FPS more
V to switch the position of the camera from the left shoulder to the right shoulder.
T to trace and debug the animations.
Z to slow motion
Double ALT to roll
X to ragdoll and simulate death.

Global options

The global menu offers the following possibilities:
  • Continue the game
  • Start a Game
  • Access to the Option sub menu
  • Exit the game
The Global option menu

The Options

The option menu gives the following possibilities:
  • Change the Gameplay Options
  • Change the Audio Options
  • Change the Display Options
  • Change the Graphics Options
  • Change the Control Options
  • Visualize the credits
The root at the Options menu

The Audio

The Audio menu gives you the possibility to change the following parameters:
  • The Master Volume
  • The SFX volume (footsteps, noises)
  • The Music Volume
  • The Dialog (voices) volume

Display Options

The Display option menu gives you the possibility to change the following:
  • The window mode: Full Screen, Windowed, Windowed without borders.
  • The display resolution (depends on your video card, up to 4K if necessary, the game is running at 30 FPS on a RTX 3060 in 4K)
  • Option to Lock the FPS between 1 to 240 FPS
  • Use vertical synchronisation or not (VSync)
  • Change the global Brightness
  • Change the Field of View (FOV)
The display menu

The Graphics menu

The graphics menu helps to tweak all the 3d aspect of the game in order to optimize it for the configuration that the player is using. There is a Benchmark option that test the PC you are using and select the best option possible, but the user can cherry pick and change each parameter individually:
  • Quality presets: Low, Medium, High, Epic, Custom.
  • Textures quality: low, medium, high, epic
  • Anti Aliasing Method: none, FXAA, TAA
  • Effects: low, medium, high, epic
  • Shadows: low, medium, high, epic
  • Foliage density: low, medium, high, epic
  • Poste Processing quality: low, medium high, epic
  • View distance: near, medium, far, epic
  • Motion Blur: on/off
  • Lens Flares: on/off
  • Screen Space Reflections: on/off
  • Bloom: on: off
  • Ambient Occlusion: on/off
  • Ray Traced shadows: on/off
  • Ray Traced Reflections: on/off
  • Ray Traced Translucency: on/off
  • Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion: on/off
  • Ray Traced Global Illumination: on/off
  • DLSS: Off, Performance, Balanced, Quality, Ultra Performance, Ultra Quality
  • Resolution Scale (from 0 to 100)

Controls Global

The controls are managing all the aspect of the mouse / game pad parameters:
  • Rumble: on/off
  • Invert X Axis: on/off
  • Invert Y Axis: on/off
  • X Axis sensitivity
  • Y Axis sensitivity
  • Key Bindings (sub menu)
  • Gamepad Bindings (not programmed yet, to be done for console versions)

Key Bindings

The Key binding options allows to redefine all the keys to the current keyboard, and to match any type of keyboard in any countries