Viral exemples

This game will be wild compared with any other game in the market.
Because it is a massively multiplayer game, and it is not made by a big company, it allows us to make some cool experiments. The game will be PG18 anyway in all countries because of the use of crypto, so why then be shy of doing some crazy things?

Exemple 1: Cannabis plants

Players will quickly notice that there are some cannabis plants here and there that you can pickup.
You can find a shop that will purchase them and buy them for good money. You can start to harvest Pot as a regular income.
In the same shop, you will also be able to buy special cigarettes, and cakes. Once you are smoking pot your vision becomes different for a minute, the music changes and you are in awe.

Exemple 2: alcohol

Since there are bars and girls everywhere in the cities, there is also the possibility to drink alcohol instead of water when your player is thirsty.
Drinking alcohol will make the character irresponsive and wobbling. It can be fun specially when doing it together with friends, and will for sure generate a whole lot of influencer crazy videos, like drunk and fighting with robots, or drunk and driving in WOK, trying to shoot when drunk, or killing a boss monster while being high etc...

Exemple 3: Lora's kid.

NPC will have a personality and stories. Because of the ultimate realism of Metahumans, a technology developed by Epic Game but that is yet to be used in a commercial game, we will bring the interactivity with the NPC to another level.
Let's talk with Lora. She will tell you how she is worried because her kid is always trying to go in the wild zone by curiosity, but this time, she has no news from him. She has a GPS position of where he was the last time she got a GPS feedback but since, she has no news.
The player will have the possibility to go to that place and find the Lora's kid. She will literally cry in your arms. Then when you will walk passing by her, she will always call you "hey how are you my savior?". When another player will do the same, she will congratulate the other and forget you.

Exemple 4: Paia the prostitute.

There will be NCP prostitutes. While there is no graphic sex in the game, characters can have sex with NPC. This increases their reputation and gives more participation points.
Note that there will be prostitute men and women. Women are welcome to play in the game too. The game is inspired by Pattaya pre-covid. Gays and women are not forgotten.
Paia can be paid to have sex (even if it is not shown visually) it is happening and after that when she will crosses you with your friends, she will congratulate you with a "hello my love, I miss you" for example and follow you trying to kiss you for a while.
Then the player could also talk with Piai a little deeper and learn that she has a kid which cannot work and need constant attention. She is doing this job because otherwise she could not pay for the care and medication.
You then have the possibility to rent Paia like you are renting a house, giving her a monthly revenu to avoid being a prostitute. Paia will then talk about you to other players saying that she is now free from work because her boyfriend (you) pay her every month. It would give you a recurring lot of participation points until you stop your rental deal.
If you happen to stop, Paia will become a prostitute again, but then will speak about you in a negative way, like "you forgot me, you left me alone".

Exemple 5: full moon parties

At full moon time (it will be advertised in the game) there will be Full Moon parties where a disco on the beach or in the city will play some loud music.
Player could gather with NPC, drink some alcohol and do some crazy dancing movements while being drunk. Remember that you can buy alcohol and mushroom cakes in shops, which are changing the game into an unique psychedelic experience.
That could be a whole new awesome experience that everyone in youtube will talk about.