Player Characteristics

Meta Island is a smart game with mechanisms inspired by the role playing games created by TSR and Chaosium.
The TSR system was created for games like Dungeon & Dragons which were role playing games where the result of the action of the players were dictated by throwing dices and matching the result with pre-decided values. For exemple you would throw a dice of 20 to see if a door will open, if the result is >=10, then it will open otherwise it will not.
TSR introduced the player characteristics to try to model the player’s personality. In WOK we are using a similar system, but we do not use dices anymore, the computer is calculating a random number instead.
The Chaosium system is more an ability model. Created for role playing games like Cthulhu, or Stormbringer, this system gives a level of ability that is evolving with practice. In WOK we are using this system to determine the player efficiency at using weapons and tools.
The player is asked to add one point more to one of his characteristics each time that he reaches a score level in the game. This way, he can decide which of these are defining his character and the more he plays the more specific it becomes.

Character inner characteristics.

As explained before, our characters have some inner characteristics that are modeling its personality. These can evolve with time and with the action of the player, so that the more you are playing the more unique your character is becoming.
These characteristics are as follow:
Force: this is the strength of the player, it is used to determine how strong a player is and in consequence what kind of weapon he can use for fighting. Simply said, if you want to do something that requires strength you better need to have a lot of Force.
Dexterity: this is the speed of the player at doing things. The more dexterity you have to more likely you will strike first in combat. The speed of moving in the game is affected, the more dexterity, the faster you walk and run. Also, it is affecting how high you can jump.
Resistance: this is how the player can resist to hunger and tiredness. In practice the more resistance you have, the slower you need to eat or refill. This parameters gives more resistance in combat, for example a player with a lot of resistance will have a higher number if hit points and thus will be able to endure more hits than another.

Character global characteristics

The global characteristics are not specific to a character, it defines its position in the global social networking and economic system.
Ranks: the rank is a scaled value of your position within the same players in a specific server. It is re-adjusted every day at midnight, and depending on the other’s players actions, your rank might change, since it is related to others rank. You can imagine the ranks like a pyramid. There are 15 Ranks. More details about the ranks is available in the rank page.
The rank 0 is for visitors, it is not really a rank it is a non-rank level. People with a rank 0 are limited, but can play the game for free. For exemple rank 0 cannot collect crypto, cannot access to shops, and cannot go in the wild zone. It is a visitor rank where you can have a free look at what is happening.
Rank 15 is for crowned people. When you reach this rank you can become a moderator, or you get access to all the features of the game.
In between there are a lot of features that are unlocking for specific ranks. This will be explained in another section.
Score: your score is the sum of all the points you earned by your actions in the game. Everything that you are doing is giving you a score point. This number cannot go down. The score is used to calculated your rank. The ones with the highest score are rank 15, the ones with the lowest score are rank 1. This is not a social score a la Chinese fashion, because your score cannot be affected negatively by your actions. In the role playing games, it is called, experience.

Status characteristics

There are 2 statuses, they are used to define in which state the player is currently.
Energy: this status is the level of energy that the player has. If this status reaches 0, the player dies. He can rebirth at his house location and lose his possessions, the ones he was holding on his character or in a bag. His other possession, like for example, his crypto and what he owns that is left in his house are preserved. People with no house are losing everything, apart from their crypto of course. In no situation the player can lose money. You can refill your energy by eating and drinking, or taking some special potions.
Mana: this is the magic power. You need mana to throw a spell, and each spell is consuming mana. If you do not have enough mana, then you cannot use magic. Some spells are using more mana than another. You can refill your mana at the mana fountains, or by drinking some special potions.


The abilities are mainly to define how good you are at using things. These abilities will evolve with the game. For starting there will be 4 abilities
Ability to use magic: the more you are using magic the more likely your will cast a spell successfully. Depending on how hard the spell is, you need to have a certain ability to be able to cast a spell.
Ability to use swords: the more you are using swords, the more efficient you are at using them.
Ability to use firearms: the more you are using firearms, the more efficient you are at using them.
Close combat: the more practice you have the more efficient you are at fighting in close combat mode (including knives).


The Achievements are badges delivered when the player has achieved something special, a milestone or reached a certain level in the game.