The adventure & Dialogs

Meta Island is offering to the adventurer a real storyline, complex and mysterious, with many hidden places, and strange characters to talk with.

Dialog system

Meta Island is supporting a classic Dialog system where you can get in contact with Metahuman characters and have a series of questions/answer in a graph. We can design graph of any complexity and depending of the result of the player answers unlock a quest or an achievement.
Graph based dialog system


The metahumans are a new system offered by the Unreal engine to create and animate life like characters. The metahumans have incredible realistic facial animations. These metahumans will be used in close up where talking with the player. This technology allows real emotions at a level never achieved before. The metahumans can be sad or happy and truly give to Meta Island an emotional experience.
Meta human created for WOK

The storyline as it is told to the player

Most of the story evolve around the Island itself. The Island is the first and most important character of the game
2123: is in a political turmoil, every country is struggling to control its populations; there are riots all over the place everywhere. A Virus was destroying the economy and people were forced to isolate in forced lockdown
A Chinese Billionaire, Wolf Chang was one of the richest man on the planet, and he was a free speech advocate and an epicurean. He loved to spend his holidays in East Asia, loving girls, alcohol and music and enjoying life without restriction of any kind.
He decided to invest all his money into building a secret Island in the sea of China in the international waters
This place would be his hidden retirement gateway for him and his friends and a selected number of people who were politically helping the project, a place protected from censorship.
The Island would be self-sustainable, self-managed by androids, and robots, and protected from intrusions by a powerful magnetic field. Cloning would create the population and keep it stable.
Meanwhile, the world was devastated by the pandemic. Despite all efforts, new strains were coming and the world economy was on the verge of collapse, forcing Mr. Wolf to retire early and isolate himself, his family and friends into his secret Island.
One day all contacts with the world were lost. No more TV, no more Internet, no more radio. What did happen to the world? No one knows. The island has been living by itself for hundreds of years. Some are saying that Wolf is a ghost and he is still around taking care of the Island and its people