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Meta Island is a metaverse that means it is massively multiplayer. However in order to be technically possible, each Island is limited to 1000 players at once.
The characters in WOK are filly network replicated.
The characters in Meta Island are network replicated, that means that all actions of any character is visible by any other character connected to the same server.
In order to be able to manage millions of players, we decided to create a system of Islands limited to 1000 players. This allows the game to be playable and smooth in most case without lagging excessively.
Each island is then connected to a master server named WOK-OS though an API.
This way, no global censorship is possible. One island can be disconnected from the global network by revoking its API key, but there is no local spying of everybody's action and words, like in Facebook and their hated community's guidelines.
The network is decentralized to limit the overall traffic congestion and also to avoid any temptation of controlling the players.