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Why Metaisland is a Metaverse?

Metaisland competitors are not Beach Brawl or some racing game, these are Gamefi products. Metaisland is designed to compete with Epic, Konami, Microsoft, Meta, Microsoft of Google's Metaverses.
1- A Metaverse is an entertainment product. There is a reason why people will connect to it: because it is fun. The gamification of the Metaverse is an important aspect and is the visible side of it, but it is only a small part of the whole thing. This gamification has to be adapted to what a Metaverse is, that means that no existing game will fit, it has to be a never-ending sandbox of activities. Metaisland is exactly that, even if the pictures are looking like a normal game, the gameplay is unique, everything respawn, you can hunt, play football, do business…
2- A Metaverse has to include a valid and functional crypto economy. It is essential that the financial part of the Metaverse is bridged with the whole crypto industry. In our case, this is done with 2 crypto currencies: a token that is traded on the markets (the ISL). This is the value/governance token, and the WOK (codename to be decided later) that is a stable coin used throughout all the Metaverse Islands by all the users of the product. The conversion between ISL and WOK is done by us, like the central bank of this virtual world.
3- A Metaverse has to provide a valid social networking experience. People need to interact with others through this metaverse and we have what we call the rank pyramid, which is giving a score to every user based on their participation. Users can tip, talk, and play together. Metaisland does that and more.
4- A Metaverse must run on a TV or a video screen and not be limited by VR. Metaverses are things that everyone will participate to, not only a small set of people using expensive 3d helmets. Phone is of course an option, in order to manage your finance or your identity, but the gamification must work primary on the TV that is sitting in the middle of the house or on computers. That is why Metaisland is developed with Unreal Engine and its primary platform is PC/Consoles.
5- A Metaverse must offer a virtual identity. It does not have to be too complex at the beginning. But at minima it should offer what other social networks are offering, which is a profile picture, a social rank and score, abilities and achievements.
6- A Metaverse must be scalable without technology limitation. All the competitors are having a problem doing their metaverses because they want to follow the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram monolithic structure. These can apply to web2, but not to web3 & 3D with a sophisticated gamification, with beautiful graphics and complex animations. That is why Metaisland is offering a franchising system, that can be seen like a Shopify adapted to web3 where each Island is limited to 1000 people and is a franchise that can be a profitable business and feed a family of owners. This way, Metaisland can spread without limit, just duplicate the Island as much as possible, like a Starbuck franchise or an online forum. Metaisland owners can make 10k a month.
7- A Metaverse must have a theme. Whatever it is medieval fantastic like Lord of the Ring, contemporary like GTA or futuristic like Cyberpunk, there must be a universe behind the Metaverse. In the future, there will be a large choice of these, where people will decide to live their virtual life. Metaisland is not relying to an existing universe, it creates its own! That is why we have our 7 factions, all with their history and real books written to create the back story and the Universe of Metaisland. It is a full franchise with its art, music and storytelling.