Meta Island for gamers?

Metaisland is a multiplayer metaverse GameFi project taking place in a tropical island reminiscent of the series LOST, where the gameplay is similar to Uncharted.
Meta Island is a 8km2 procedural island with hundred thousand trees, rocks, people and places to visit. It is a virtual world, massively multiplayer, where you can meet others, drink beer, smoke pot, and do many funny things that are not possible in your every daytime.
It is also a game where you need to manage your resources, do quests, and fight enemies in the wild zone or in the undergrounds. Your characteristics and abilities are evolving with practice and experience like in Dungeon & Dragon and the Chaosium ability system.
Meta Island is also an adventure. Where is this island? Why all the people have lost their history? Who is Wolf? Who are these creatures outside? If you liked the Lost Series, you will feel in a similar mysterious tropical place! There are many characters to discover and lot of stories about the Island of Meta Island.
Meta Island is a mini social networking platform, with a virtual avatar, chats, friendship, status and likes. You can customize your character, choose what you are wearing, and build your personality.
Meta Island is a virtual crypto economy where the best players can actually make money by playing the game and redeem this money through the WOK Ethereum smart contract. Meta Island also support NFT to provide unique and rare items that people can buy and resell on the NFT marketplaces. Metaisland will have multi chains NFT to reach as many investors as possible.
Meta Island is a hack and slash combat system with many monsters, loots and dungeons to explore.
To resume the game: Meta Island is a mix between Facebook, Crypto, Zelda, and Elder Scroll in a persistant massively multiplayer tropical world a la Lost.

Main features

Technologies used, nothing complicated, everything is done for the lambda player.
  • Unreal 5 for the game programming.
  • Metahumans for the dialogs and close up characters.
  • PHP/MySQL/Javascript/Html for the server side and WOK-OS
  • ETH, SOL, BNC, TRX (not limited to) in for the NFT storage and redeem.
  • ETH (Ethereum) ISL token for the value, and spot trading in exchanges.
  • Stacking through the exchanges.
  • Liquidity pools though the exchanges.
  • Unique proof of participation POP system.
  • The player can mine crypto, rent a shop, and generate a passive income from playing.

Main milestones, roadmap.

Q4: 2021: raising money though IDO or else.
Q1: 2022: WOK-OS NFT market place with the first NFT Founder edition sales. Introduction into some hi-volume exchanges.
Q2: 2022: Swapping internally from the Wok internal currency to the ETH powered Meta Island token.
Q3: 2022: Big marketing campaign.
Q4: 2022: introduction in a major exchange
Q1: 2023: pay to play beta release, collecting payments and burning Meta Island tokens every month.
Q4: 2023: final release PC version
2024 -> xxx: franchising, developing the brand in every country, adding more servers, and more players.

Gameplay guides: jump right in

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Fundamentals: how the crypto currency is working

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