Meta Island is the first and only real viable economic simulation.

Blockchain is great, but not for everything

The blockchain is a new technology and it has taken the finance like a storm. However all the actual so called Metaverses are facing a major problem; the transaction fees.
Because a blockchain is mined and the miners need to be rewarded for their effort and their investment, you cannot avoid paying a fee per transaction. This is not compatible with a virtual simulated economy. Also because blocks are created on a timely manner, it is incompatible with the speed of an action game, forcing the player to wait the next block to get any transaction done.
Partner with Holochain

Here comes the Holochain

Holochain is a new technology that supersede the blockchain technology by distributing the blockchain among the players. Instead of having a semi centralized blockchain with a couple of hundred nodes that are running the whole thing, Holochain uses a smart distributed blockchain system where the mini blockchains hosted on each player's computer are communicating in a peer to peer fashion just like the torrents do.
The result is a super fast distributed blockchain that is offering the same level of security, anonymity and resilience than the classic blockchain, but free of fee, or gas.

The player score is saved into the Holochain

The score is the user participation. Read the Rank and Score page for more info. Every time the user is gaining a participation point, this information is saved into the holochain.
This technology allows us to be able to restore the Score, and the Rank of a player even if the game server is losing all its data for any reason.

The player transactions are saved into the Holochain

Every transaction, from buying a beer to selling crypto, or renting a shop will be saved in the Holochain. This will give an unique decentralized identity, progress and economy unmatched in the current existing projects. It will not cost a fee to manage or maintain, the only counterpart is that each player will have to share a bit of their disk space to participate to the global Holochain network. In any event where our central server stop functioning, the game could continue to run without us. Ultimately one day we might release the whole source code and give the game to the public domain, so that nothing will ever stop Meta Island from existing and develop.

Bringing the Gamers to the Fintech

Most people are interested into the crypto phenomenon, but only a few are active and trading. The reason is that crypto is very abstract and mathematic. Just a few really understand what it really means. This is an obstacle for even the most popular crypto that is Bitcoin to become mainstream and reach the massive number of the potential users.
About usability Bitcoin is the most popular crypto but is not used in the real world, most of its use is purely speculative. It is fundamental in order to survive that crypto become a mainstream technology and is taken out of its geek sphere. With the rise of the value of Bitcoin, the cost for each transaction has also raised, to up to $40 per transaction, which makes this currency non-functional for normal everyday use.

The Gamers are giving a meaning to the crypto

Gamers are the perfect target for a next gen social networking platform powered by cryptocurrencies. They are interested in all technologies, they are proficient in programming, scripts, bots and other tech geeky things. They are spending already a lot of time online, are familiar with the common social networking tools. The only reason that stop them to become an active cryptocurrency user, is because there is no connection between their world and the world of crypto. Meta Islandge between the gamers and the Fintech sector.