The Market

Take a 2 Trillions Dollars market, open it to 3 Billions potential users! Spassh! Apple pen!

How many BTC active addresses?

There are a lot of Bitcoin addresses, and it is hard to know how many addresses are active and are trading. An estimate made by shows that there is not more than 1 Millions active Bitcoin traders in the world and only 3 Millions with a balance of more than 0.1 BTC!

How many gamers in the world?

According to Statista, there are 2.8 Billions of gamers today and when Meta Island will be released this number will climb to 3.07 Billion.

Total capitalization of the Fintech sector.

According to Coinmarketcap the total capitalization of the Fintech section totalize 2.42 Trillion USD.


Clearly the fintech sector has a lot of capitalization but a few people dealing with it. It is mostly because the average people are not interested in Spot exchanges, and Liquidity pools. And I am not even mentioning the infamous Impermanent losses!

However a game like Meta Island is connecting a sector that has a lot of cash, with the general population counting billions of potential consumers!

This is a magic formula that would make Meta Island a huge success, both financial and about popularity.

The GameFI sector is just starting, AXS (Axie Infinity) a small game with cards and 2D battles from Vietnam has been released 6 months ago, it is now valuated at more than 36 Billions USD!

GameFi will provide crypto with a raison d'être and facilitate widespread adoption of Fintech among average individuals who may not otherwise be interested in the sector. Players engaging with Meta Island will have the opportunity to mine, stack, and utilize crypto within a familiar environment that is both easy to comprehend and enjoyable to navigate.

Meta Island is ahead of its competition; there are no other AAA games in development that fully integrate Fintech technologies such as blockchains, tokens, and NFTs. Furthermore, Meta Island is not a short-term, quick-profit project like AXS. It only took six months for AXS to become unplayable because it solely relies on selling NFTs. To begin playing Axie Infinity now, players must purchase three monsters, each costing around $1000.

Meta Island, on the other hand, is a sustainable project designed for longevity.

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