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The Wild Zone

The Wild Zone is the place where the player is going to fight the mutants that are kept away by the radars around the city. These mutants are generated from hives that are about everywhere. Destroying a hive stop the mutants to popup and clean the area, but only temporary, the hives are regenerating and the mutants are coming back.
There are several entrance to the wild zone and they are protected by robots. Each entrance is only allowed to certain player rank. Robots in general are doing maintenance and security.
A magic wall is protecting the Wild Zone from strangers, you need the right rank and a special key to enter, this key is hard to find and most of the time is hold by a mutant boss that you have to defeat.
Welcome to the entrance to the Wild Zone
These radars are keeping the mutants out of the city's area. They are located at the top of the mountains around Tech Ville.
Radars and bars.