Virtual Economy

Meta Island is offering to the player an economy simulation where he needs WOK money to buy things, and so, he need to earn this money by his actions while playing the game.
The currency used in Meta Island is the WOK: it is an internal currency that is not traded anywhere, and is used only in the game. It is a stable coin, its value is 1 USD = 30 WOK
The symbol of the WOK coin is a mix between a Wolf head and a W, like this.

How to earn WOK currency

There are many ways to earn WOK in this simulated economy.

From crypto.

The crypto are gems and precious stone that can be found in the game or are mined at the mining factory located in the center of Tech City.
Crypto are stones and gems
Every day at noun (in game time, which is about every hour in real life), an alarm is warning all the players that the crypto will be distributed. Then the factory shoot the mined crypto in all directions and the players have to be the faster to get them.
You can locate the crypto because they are hot and burning.
The crypto have a life of 1 minute before vanishing into an explosion.

From quests

When the player talk with some NPC they will give him quests to do and these are usually rewarded with crypto. For exemple, this old woman has lost her dog, found it and you will be rewarded. Hundred of quests are existing. Another example is the museum, objects are missing all the time. Find them and you will be rewarded.
Example of a Metahuman NPC

From looting

When the player is going into the wild zone, he will find places where there are crystals. These crystals are a sign of crypto being in the vicinity. There are also some crypto hidden and hard to reach (the player has to climb huge rocks or protected by dangerous monsters for example).
Crystal are signs of having some crypto around

From renting a business

Businesses like restaurants or currency exchanges are for rent. If they are not rented, they are managed by the game itself. Everything sold is giving a commission to the owner. the owner has to pay 1 month upfront, recurring. He can stop the rental at any time, but the month started is due.


One of the main goal of the game is to find enough crypto to pay for your expenses and to progress into the game.
But very good players might be able to save some WOK and convert them into real money and even earn a living! This is covered by the Wok and Blockchain section.