NFT 2D Explanation

The 2D PFP, or "Profile Picture," faces are cards that players can utilize to grant specific aptitudes to their characters. Each PFP is unique, with its power (POW) calculated based on the combined value of all its details (e.g., earrings, necklaces, helmets, glasses, etc.). The price of a PFP is determined by its POW multiplied by 5. Therefore, a PFP with a POW of 50 would typically cost $250 USDT equivalent when published.



The Redcards were the first human-like mutants discovered by WOLF. Their expulsion was conducted disastrously, resulting in the deaths of all except Dale, the one who discovered the crypto crystals, thanks to his luck. Dale narrowly escaped death and played a crucial role in enabling the Master and the Tribes to invade the human territory by reversing a teleporter. This action sparked the first war, ultimately won by the humans because Dale, following a tragic accident that claimed his wife's life, returned to the Wildzone with his two children, thereby reversing the teleporter once more and blocking access for reinforcements.

In a twist of fate, Dale seized the necklace of the deceased Master Chief and assumed leadership temporarily, before eventually founding his own faction: the Redcards, known for their motto "Card for the luck, red for the blood."



The military card provides a significant advantage in combat situations by amplifying the damage inflicted during battles. These cards come in various forms, each offering unique enhancements to a fighter's capabilities. Given their widespread availability and effectiveness, the majority of individuals opt to utilize military cards when engaging in combat encounters.

With the assistance of a military card, fighters can turn the tide of battle in their favor, dealing substantial blows to their adversaries and increasing their chances of emerging victorious. The versatility and potency of these cards make them indispensable tools for those venturing into confrontational scenarios.

Whether deployed on the frontlines of a battlefield or in the midst of a skirmish, the strategic use of military cards can significantly enhance a combatant's combat prowess, enabling them to overcome formidable opponents and achieve success in their endeavors.



Attempting to swim without an Aquaman card spells certain doom as one would inevitably succumb to drowning. This limitation is regrettable, given the abundance of treasures hidden beneath the water's surface, ranging from valuable cryptocurrencies to monstrous aquatic creatures. Despite the inherent risks, the underwater realm offers a myriad of opportunities for exploration and adventure, including engaging in underwater combat and uncovering hidden riches.

However, with the aid of an Aquaman card, individuals gain the ability to traverse underwater environments with ease, granting them extended periods of immersion without the threat of drowning. Armed with this invaluable tool, adventurers can spend minutes to hours beneath the waves, unlocking a wealth of new possibilities such as discovering previously inaccessible cryptocurrencies, battling formidable sea monsters, and delving into uncharted depths.

By leveraging the capabilities afforded by the Aquaman card, intrepid explorers can dive deeper into the aquatic domain, uncovering its secrets and forging new pathways to success in their endeavors. With drowning no longer a concern, the underwater realm becomes a playground ripe for exploration and conquest, offering untold treasures and challenges for those bold enough to venture beneath the waves.


Resistance to poison

The Tribes are a faction known for their specialization in crafting and distributing deadly poisons, a trade that has become their hallmark within the mutated landscape. Comprised of heavily mutated individuals, the members of the Tribes possess formidable physical attributes but lack cognitive abilities, rendering them notably unintelligent. Unlike other factions, the Tribes do not operate under the leadership of a chief, as their primitive nature precludes them from organizing into a structured hierarchy. Instead, they are controlled by dominant mutants known as the Masters, who have seized power over them.

The Masters, towering and menacing figures, exert their authority over the Tribes with an iron fist. While lacking the Tribes' physical prowess, the Masters compensate with their immense size, dark presence, and remarkable intelligence. Despite their differences, the Tribes and the Masters have formed an uneasy alliance, pooling their resources and strengths to navigate the challenges of the Wild Zone and ensure their mutual survival.

Together, they navigate the treacherous terrain of the Wild Zone, leveraging their respective strengths to overcome adversaries and secure vital resources. While the Tribes provide the lethal poisons essential for their survival, the Masters offer their strategic acumen and formidable presence to protect and guide their less-intelligent counterparts. This symbiotic relationship ensures their continued dominance in the harsh and unforgiving landscape they call home.


Easy access to the Cyber area.

The Punks, although lacking in any distinctive special abilities and unaffected by the mutant infection, play a crucial role within the Metaverse. Their primary responsibility lies in regulating access to the Cyber area, a pivotal sector within the virtual realm. Additionally, they oversee the distribution and management of Spice, a potent drug synthesized from the rare crypto crystals found scattered throughout the Metaverse.

Spice, originally conceived by Spike and his team, has emerged as a sought-after commodity within the Metaverse, offering users heightened sensory experiences and temporary enhancements to their cognitive functions. However, its widespread availability has also led to concerns regarding addiction and its potential adverse effects on users.

Despite their outwardly rebellious demeanor, the Punks operate with a level of organization and authority, effectively controlling the flow of both information and illicit substances within the Cyber area. Their influence extends beyond mere gatekeeping, as they navigate the intricate web of alliances and rivalries that define the social fabric of the Metaverse.

Through their control of the Cyber area and the Spice trade, the Punks wield significant power and influence, shaping the dynamics of the Metaverse in ways both subtle and profound. As key players in the ever-evolving landscape of the virtual world, they embody the spirit of rebellion and autonomy, challenging established norms and forging their own path within the digital frontier.

The Builders

Repair everything

Builders possess a unique ability to repair any broken object, akin to wielding magical powers. However, they are required to wear full protective suits in human areas to prevent the spread of the DNA-modifying virus. Despite this, an agreement with WOLF allows builders to remain in human territories due to their invaluable contributions to society. Unlike other infected factions, builders are indispensable assets, their talents outweighing any risks associated with their condition.

The Daemons

Do magic

The Daemons are heavily mutated humans who possess the ability to control crypto crystals and generate bursts of energy akin to magic. They were expelled by Wolf's team, like other mutants, in a bid to protect the human genome. However, this action sparked a bloody war between the Daemons and humans. The conflict ended with the humans emerging victorious, attributed to the crystal vibrations causing the Daemons' brains to explode.

The badges

The badges are used for DAO, voting rights and access to Beta

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