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NFT 2D Explanation

The 2D PFP The 2D PFP faces are cards that the player can use in order to gain specific aptitude for his characters. All the PFP are unique. Their POW is calculated by the addition of all their details (earing, necklace, helmets, glasses etc…). Their price is POW x 5. So a POW 50 will cost normally $250 USDT equivalent when published.



The Redcards were the first human looking mutants to have been discovered by WOLF. Their expulsion was done in a disastrous way, all died but Dale, the one who found the crypto crystals, thanks to his luck. Dale ended up saving his life by giving the opportunity for the Master and the Tribes to invade the human area by reversing a teleporter. This resulted in the first war, won by the humans because Dale after killing his wife by accident returned in the Wildzone with his 2 kids, reversing the teleporter again, blocking the access for support. He took the necklace of the dead Master Chief and became the Chief Master for a while before creating his own faction: the redcards. "Card for the luck, red for the blood".



The military card gives you an edge when fighting. It multiplicates the damages you inflict when fighting. The military cards are numerous and most people will use them when going into a fight.



If you try to swim without an aquaman cart, you will drown. It is a shame because there are a lot of things hidden under the water, like crypto, monster fish etc… You can do everything under the water like shooting guns and do close combat. With an aquaman card you can stay minutes up to hours under the water and forget about drowning, opening the possibility of finding new crypto, fighting new monsters etc.


Resistance to poison

The tribes are specialized in creating and selling deadly poison. They are heavily mutated individuals. They are the only faction to not have a chief because they do not have a brain, they are really stupid. Other mutants have taken their control, and are their Masters. The Masters have no clue about the poisons but they are huge, dark and scary; very powerful. They are also very smart. Both the Tribes and the Masters are working together to survive in the Wild Zone.


Easy access to the Cyber area.

The Punks does not have a special ability, their blood is not infected, but they are in charge of controlling the Cyber area access. They are also dealing with the Spice, a drug synthetized from the crypto crystals. Originally the process was created by Spike and his team.

The Builders

Repair everything

The builders are people who have the ability to repair broken stuff. It is not a normal skill, they are like magicians and can repair anything. They are tolerated in the human area but they are obliged to wear a full protection suit to avoid contaminating the humans with the DNA modifying virus.
In the past a deal was made with WOLF so that Builders would be the only infected people to be able to stay in the human pure area, because their ability was so useful to humans that the community supported the idea to not expulsing them like the other infected factions.

The Daemons

Do magic

The Deamons and heavily mutated humans who can control the crypto crystals and generate magical like energy burst that are similar to magic. They were expulsed like the others by Wolf's team in order to protect the human genome, but this resulted in a bloody war between the Daemons and the humans. The war was won by humans, thanks to the crystal vibration that are making the Daemon brain explode.

The badges

The badges are used for DAO, voting rights and access to Beta