Axie Infinity VS Meta Island

Meta IslandAxie Infinity

Value: not released yet.

Value: $36 Billions

Gameplay complex, dialogs, adventure, social networking (chat, friends), photorealistic battles, Role Playing mechanics, massively multiplayer.

Gameplay simple, Battles between two players.

Multiple business model: pay to play, earn crypto by your actions, virtual economy, NFT sales.

NFT Sales, Staking AXS token.

Free to try, $10-$50 monthly subscription, NFT on marketplaces.

$1500: you need to buy 3 NFT to have a minimum team.

Target is any player in the world due to its $0 entry fee to play.

Target is mostly investors who can afford

the $1500 entry price.

Axie Infinity and all the upcoming NFT games are based on the same concept, small games with cards, quickly made to be the first on the market and catch the NFT momentum. However these games are made with a short term approach, for example Axie has become unplayable due to the price of the NFT. The author have changed the battle model to avoid this problem but it has enraged the people who played the game check this article for more info.

More games

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game that incorporates NFT components with a traditional card trading game.


Splinterlands, like Gods Unchained, is a tradable card game that allows players to earn as they play. When you win card matches, you get rewarded. To begin playing Splinterlands, you must first purchase a starting pack of cards, create a Steem account, and then reveal the purchased cards in the game.

Note: Steam has since banned all the crypto related games.

Sandbox 3D

The Sandbox is a voxel-based game metaverse and one of the most popular NFT gaming platforms for creating and trading virtual assets. Players may modify and monetize voxel objects in this game.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an NFT DeFi metaverse that mimics economic struggle and teamwork among players in the hopes of discovering new planets. This is accomplished by motivating users to compete for Trillium (TLM), which is necessary to manage rival decentralized autonomous organizations (Planet DAOs) and get access to new games.

Battle Racers

Battle Racers is influenced by popular games such as Super Mario Kart and F-Zero, as its name suggests. The goal of the game is to mix various weaponry and equipment to build the most powerful vehicles possible. Players may mix and match various components and weaponry to get an edge on the arcade-style circuits. You may register your treasured or winning automobiles as NFTs on the blockchain and then sell them for cryptocurrency on OpenSea.

Gold Fever

Gold Fever is a 3D game with modest graphics and gameplay. However, we realize that we are not acting for the purpose of a story or a beautiful image. The players would pay for the game if it was too good, not the other way around.


Crypto Snake is a really simple game to play. It's inspired by the classic snake game. Your snake eats cryptocurrencies on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. The greater your pet's stats are, the more you consume. You may also use local currency to level up your snake, allowing you to make even more money in the future.

Neon District

This is a role-playing game in which all of the game items are blockchain-based. Almost everything may be bought or sold. The price is decided by supply and demand, as is customary.


Sorare is a fantasy sports game that isn't just about playing football. You may play everything from traditional fantasy football games to Sorare, a game in which you earn rewards by defeating other managers. You'll be able to manage and construct your own virtual squad of digital playing card NFTs.


All the NFT games in development are of the same style, card based, quick development to generate quick profit, short term playability.

MetaIsland can work with or without Crypto. It has a multiple revenu system that guarantees the acceptation of all gamers, not only investors, and a long term approach with a franchising system that guarantees an unlimited number of servers and players around the world with a minimum cost of maintenance.

I think that MetaIsland has a more sustainable approach as a company and business model, that makes it more attractive for the investors to onboard on the long term.

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