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The Tech City Zone

The Tech City Zone is where the mining is happening, there is a museum, a city hall, the teleporters area, the fountain of mana etc...
Good to know: every aspect of the game is subject to improvement, this is not an exhaustive list of all the aspects of the Tech City.

The City Hall

The city hall is a place run by robots. It is a vestige of whoever built the Island in the first place. The player will find a WOK-os terminal and many information from the robots and NPC in there.
The second floor are meeting rooms where the players can talk without being listened. On friends can listen and read what they are saying.
From inside the city hall

The Electric Factory

This place is where the electricity is managed, the generator is failing sometime and someone has to restart it. It is located close to the Mining facility and might have some crypto hidden in some hard to reach places.
The electric factory

The Museum

The museum is a place to learn more about the Island. It is also a place to get quests, because some objects are missing and if you can find them, you will get rewards.
Visiting the museum

The Food Plaza

The food plaza is a place to meet others, and refill your energy. There are all kind of food that are more or less refilling your energy level depending on their price. There are many places with food, not only in tech city, almost every place has some sort of shop.
The food plaza

The Mining Facility

The mining facility is shooting crypto in the air every noun. A day is 1 hour long in the game so the mining facility is delivering crypto every hour.

The Teleporter building

This building is the starting point to all your travel throughout the Island. When you are walking on the green plot, you are teleported on the red one, just as the picture below.