Meta Island for Investors?


Meta Island is a multiplayer metaverse GameFi project taking place in a tropical island reminiscent of the series LOST, where the gameplay is similar to Uncharted with an engaging storyline, and using the blockchain technology at its core. Meta Island creates a virtual economy where the player can own, rent, tip others, and spend crypto in the game. It is possible to collect crypto, mine it, get rewarded, stack it and finally to swap the benefit of playing to an exchange to convert it to fiat. Some players may generate a passive income by playing. Meta Island will use NFT to provide unique abilities, items, and skins to the player through its online and in game marketplaces.


  • Stunning photorealistic tropical island and photo real looking characters.
  • Unique participation system, that is rewarding the best players.
  • Metaverse, multiplayer with 1000 players on each Island.
  • Made by an experienced team of game veterans with experience publishing for Fox, EA, Ubi Soft, Mindscape, SEGA, Nintendo, Psygnosis, Cryo well as crypto specialists.
  • Scalability with an unique Franchising system allowing an unlimited number of players with a limited number of staff to moderate and manage the entire network.
  • Multiple revenu sources via pay to play, NFT sales, Merchandising and in game purchases.
  • Positive experience, players teaming together, non toxic environment.
  • Role Playing mechanism inspired by Dungeon and Dragon to manage the abilities of the players, combat, fighting and characters powers.
  • Social networking empowering the player virtual self, allowing people to do selfies of themselves in game, make friends, follow friends, chat and tip others.

Funder CEO introduction.

Nicolas Choukroun is 54 years old, has about 40 years of experience in doing games, audio, crypto and networking applications in C++, Assembly Z80, x86, Shark CPU, Blueprint, PHP. He published 5 games, his first game when he was only 16 years old. He got best adventure game of the year and front page of PC Gamer US with Aliens made for Mindscape/FOX/CRYO entertainment where it was credited Author, Lead Programmer, Producer & Musician. He published 3 games with Ubi Soft, teaming with Michel Ancel (Intruder, Pick's Pile, The Teller) on 2 games, produced games for EA, SEGA. He was director of Europe of the pre-IPO Irvine startup eFront company in L.A in the 2000's, and recently has created his own blockchain, stratum and mining pool with the project Kryptofranc and programmed TRC20 and ERC20 contracts for the project FRANC. More here.

Technical Overview

The project's initial investment will fund approximately two to three years of development. A team of 30 will be hired in Thailand to create the game and insure a 24/7 presence in game and in all the social networks. The game can generate sustainable revenue through several mechanisms, such as pay to play monthly subscriptions, NFT sales, stacking rewards, and marketplace transactions.


The value token of Meta Island is named ISL.
It is a Smart Contract ERC-20 on the Ethereum Smart Chain.
The circulating supply is capped at 1B units total.
More detailed information is available in the Token Economy page.

Token Use case

ISL - The native digital cryptographically-secured fungible token of MetaIsland which is designed to be used solely as an interoperable utility token on the gaming ecosystem.
Use in game includes but is not limited to:
  • Purchase of items intra-game, like food, entertainment products, or skins.
  • Staking.
  • Purchase NFT in the NFT shop
  • Social use, tipping and bartering inside the game
  • Governance.
  • Buy Back, burning.
At no time the money of the player is at risk by the act of other's players. For instance, when the player dies in the game, he keeps his money. Also there is no possibility to steal the money of others.
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