What is a metaverse?
Before Bitcoin, there were several attempts to create a virtual currency; for instance, E-Gold. All attempts failed before, because they were not checking all the conditions to be a valid cryptocurrency.
We have the same problem with the Metaverses. No one has done one yet, and all attempts are failing because no one come with a solution that is checking all the conditions.
1- A Metaverse is an entertainment product.
2- A Metaverse has to include a valid and functional crypto economy.
3- A Metaverse has to provide a valid social networking experience.
4- A Metaverse must run on a TV or a video screen and not be limited by VR.
5- A Metaverse must offer a virtual identity.
6- A Metaverse must be scalable without technology limitation to reach anyone.
7- A Metaverse must have a theme, a universe behind it.
Last modified 2mo ago