Rewards & Air Drops

The player has the possibility to earn rewards from his actions. And the more he is participating the better are the reward.

The mining is taking place in a visually appealing and a gaming environment that is totally different from the black and green Unix terminal used to mine other's blockchain. Every noon in the game ( that means every 2 hours in real life time), an alarm is warning all the players that the mining rewards are going to be distributed. They have then about 2 minutes to rush to the mining facility to try to catch some of the rewards.

Mining and rewards

In a classic blockchain fashion as designed by Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of the blockchain technology, each block is secured by Proof of Work (POW). But this system has becoming more and more unpopular because it uses a lot of power to achieve the work needed to mine a coin.

Instead of using POW, the WOK coins are mined using a POP system. POP means Proof of Participation. The more the player is playing the game, the more his score increases. The score values the participation of the player to the game.

When the player is finding crypto, he will be rewarded relatively to his score. If his score represents x% of the total player scores of the game, he will be rewarded 1*x WOK when he will pick-up crypto in the game.

This way, the WOK crypto cannot be faked and their printing is proportional for each player to his participation.

The players are incented to play more to the game in order to maintain their rank and get more rewards when they are playing.

However if the players are not playing regularly, they can subscribe to a more expensive monthly payment that will guarantee that they do not lose their Rank even if they are not playing.

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