Team WOK: a team of talents

These are the advisors and contributors to this project. Most of them are long time friends. They all are expect in their field.

Laurent Cluzel

Graphic and design advisor, NFT research and development.

Laurent has an unique talent as a designer both on paper, 3D and pixel graphics, but also the profond understanding of gaming, with his long experience working with companies like Ubi Soft, Loriciel or Electronic Arts. He worked on Keana, Fable, the City of Lost Children, Prince of Persia, Psybord, Starush etc...

Laurent is currently Regional Director of e-Artsup and he was creative director for Wizama , artistic director at Ubi Soft, concept artist for Rintaro, concept artist for Yoshitaka Amano, artistic director at Xilam animation, Artistic Director at Sony Psygnosis...

Here are his credits and biography : click here.

Ethan Lewis Maltby

Music Composer

Ethan Lewis Maltby is a British composer based in Canterbury, Kent. His music has been performed all over the world in cinemas, stadiums and theatres. Maltby has scored various films, animations and adverts covering many different genres. He has collaborated with acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Jesús Monllaó on several projects, most recently scoring the multi award-winning feature film Son Of Cain. He has also composed the score for major sporting events for the NFL, UEFA and several FA Cup Final Opening Ceremonies – his track FA Overture, has been used as the players walk-on anthem for many major FA games.

Clients include: UEFA, FA, NFL, RBS, Microsoft, Nestle, Cineworld, Telenet, BP, The Venetian Hotel Macau, Wella, Shepherd Neame, Walls, Leeds Castle, KCC.

Sandomierski Krzysztof (aka Kriss21)

Senior crypto-currency specialist.

Kriss is a Polish located crypto investor. I met Kriss21 three years ago when I launched Kryptofranc. Since he has been my mentor about everything related to crypto. He knows all the ins and outs of all the crypto industry and the secret techniques within, and he is spending a tremendous time testing everything new.

His help in doing Kryptofranc and FRANC has been invaluable. He has invested in many coins, mined, experiencing Defi and has helped to maintain and mined the Kryptofranc for 2 years keeping the blockchain stable and faultless.

Beesirin Impaw

CFO of Thailand Office. Accounting, tax management.

Bee is the manager of 5 companies in Thailand and has 15+ years of experience as managing director for companies in Thailand. We know each other for more than 10 years. She will bring her experience into dealing with all the Thailand laws and regulations, filling all the paperwork and keep the Thai WOK company in good standing. She is the managing director of Cando Properties for example.

Pierre Esteve

Storytelling and sound research and development.

Pierre will add this high level cultural vision that is missing in most game today. His oversee will help Metaisland to standup from the crowd.

Pierre has worked on countless documentaries for Arte and European television channels, he did the music for Atlantis: The Lost Tales, Obscura, Black Moon Chronicle, Atlantis II, Deo Gratias and Dracula.

Pierre is also a successful entrepreneur with projects like Starsync, Flowers etc...

You can find more information about Pierre Esteve by clicking his Wikipedia. His IMDB is located here.

Stephane Picq

Music composer

Stephane is considered a legendary composer in the gaming industry for his contribution to the Video Game art and culture, doing the scores for projects that sold millions, for example Dune, Megarace, Commander Blood, Dragon Lore, Lost Eden, Atlantis, Riverworld etc...

Stephane will bring his incredible talent to Metaisland adding his rich experience to make the Metaisland experience unforgettable.

Here is his Wikipedia page: click here.

Vitaliy Mraksoll

Blockchain and Token lead programmer

Vitalik is a top Russian crypto developer who has collaborated in countless very complex projects covering the whole Fintech spectrum. He has created several unique blockchains. He knows exactly how the blockchain and token technologies are working. His skills in C++, Python, Solidity, Starlak, Rust and Javascript associated with his long and top notch experience in the blockchain development will bring to the project Metaisland the security and the development of all the crypto tools that we need.

You can fin more info about the projects achieved by Vitalik at his Github.

Pascale Piel

Finance Advisor

Pascale is CFO in the BioTech industry for +20 years. She was CFO of Sofrepost, Novexel, Theravectys and Antabios. She is specialized in US and French regulations. She is handling the business plan and overseeing the company creation, regulation, taxes and advising about how to develop the business internationally. She has also a lof of contacts in the US and France in the finance domain.

You can find more information about her at LinkeIn.

Philippe Agnisola

3D Graphic designer.

Philippe never stop teaching, he is currently teaching in a private 3d Design school in Paris.

But the reason he is in the Metaisland team is because he is designing Assets for +10 years and is one of the best seller at the Unity's marketplace using many different publisher's nick names. Some of his assets are all over Metaisland - most the tech ville is him.

Philippe is overlooking the use of his assets and will if necessary will help to adjust or fix the techno styled assets used in Metaisland.

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