Social System

We are using a new innovative way to model a social system, based on participation..


It may sound unbelievable, but this system has undergone testing within an underground community for over a decade, starting back in 2011. This community operated as a file-sharing platform where users had to exchange files to accumulate scores and ranks, specializing in gaming assets for Unity and Unreal Engine. The higher one's rank, the more downloads they received. This system operated on a subscription basis and functioned similarly to the social pyramid of Metaisland.

Over the course of more than ten years, this experiment demonstrated that communities built on active participation endure longer, prove more profitable, and generally emerge as the most successful systems ever devised. It's worth noting that a massive user base isn't necessary to generate revenue; typically, around 50% of participants contribute financially, a figure unmatched by other systems such as forums or torrents.

How is it working applied to a metaverse?

As a metaverse, it's imperative that we establish a robust social system capable of sustaining long-term engagement and motivating users to actively participate. This aspect should not be underestimated, as it plays a pivotal role in determining the success of the metaverse.

Each participant is evaluated based on their level of engagement; for example, activities like consuming food or defeating mutants contribute positively to their score. Scores are updated daily, and a hierarchical pyramid consisting of 15 ranks is generated for each individual within a specific island. Users who attain the 15th rank are "crowned" and subsequently removed from the calculation, causing the rank system to readjust retroactively. Consequently, users may experience fluctuations in their ranks not only due to their own activities but also as a result of others' participation.

To maintain their rank and associated privileges, users have the option to subscribe, ensuring the preservation of their rank even in the event of a decline. Users are always assessed based on the highest rank they've achieved; for instance, if a user subscribes to rank 4 but organically reaches rank 8, they will operate at rank 8, with the subscription safeguarding them from falling below a certain rank.

A minimum subscription of Rank 1 is required to access all features, while Rank 0 designates visitors who can explore an island but cannot interact with it. Rank 15 signifies individuals who have surpassed the rank system and are immune to rank fluctuations. Additionally, they gain access to moderation tools and have the opportunity to own and operate an island as a business through our franchise system.

What is the score?

The score functions as a transaction, recorded either in the blockchain or a centralized database, attributing value to a player's participation. For instance, purchasing food adds to a player's score, with different actions yielding varying rewards. Smart actions, such as solving puzzles, may garner higher rewards compared to repetitive tasks.

It's important to note that the score is immutable; there is no deduction from a player's score. Every point earned is permanent. Unlike traditional social systems that often employ Christian values—where good deeds lead to rewards and bad deeds to punishment—Metaisland adopts a Buddhist approach. Here, individuals are forgiven for their missteps and rewarded for their positive contributions. Consequently, participants who consistently engage in negative behavior naturally drift away from the social system, while those who continue to act negatively are left with the choice to either conform or depart.

The community heart beat.

The community heartbeat measures the total score points accumulated by all participating users each day. This metric assigns value to all actions undertaken within the community and serves as an excellent indicator of an Island's prosperity. Islands are subsequently ranked globally according to their heartbeat, making it a reliable measure of the most successful and enjoyable destinations within the metaverse.

The community health.

The community health is the total score total in all the server since the launch of the game.

What are the Ranks?

Ranks are among the most crucial values for players aiming to progress in the game. With a total of 15 ranks, they undergo recalculation every day, occurring at midnight in the real world.

The score of a W.O.K server is used to determine these ranks, which are then scaled into 15 distinct levels. Each rank represents 1/15th of the total score.

Your rank dictates what actions you can undertake within the game. For example, accessing certain weapons, spells, areas, or renting houses may require attaining a minimum rank.

However, there's a risk of losing your rank if you fail to actively participate, as others may surpass your achievements. It essentially becomes a race: either engage extensively in the game or secure a minimum rank by paying.

What is happening when you are losing your Rank?

As you lose your rank, you forfeit the ability to retain, utilize, and own anything that necessitates a higher rank. Consequently, you also relinquish possession of these items. This means you may lose access to your house, business, or magical items due to falling below the score threshold required to maintain your rank.

How to secure my Rank and avoid losing it?

The only way to secure your rank even if you are not playing, is to pay.

  • $10 / month secures Rank 1, it is the basic subscription. You can raise to Rank 15 while paying the minimum, but you are no guaranteed to stay at a higher rank.

  • $20 / month secures Rank 5

  • $30 / month secures Rank 7

  • 40 / month secures Rank 9

Above 9, you have to play constantly to keep your rank, you cannot buy your way to the top, you really need to play for it.

Crowned people

Upon reaching Rank 15, you are crowned, signifying the culmination of your journey within the game. Attaining this rank ensures that you will never lose your position. However, you are subsequently excluded from the rank calculation process, prompting the pyramid to adjust accordingly. As a result, the pyramid can expand or contract in response to this development, accommodating the absence of Rank 15 participants while maintaining its structural integrity.

Rank 10, moderation and running your own island.

In order to become moderator, you need to have reached Rank 10 at least one time. Same goes for running your own island as a business.

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