NFT Marketplace

Every NFT game has its NFT marketplace, at Meta Island we think differently.

Unique features

NFTs are integral to Metaisland's gaming experience, boasting over 70,000 unique trading cards and an array of weapons, characters, and items. Utilizing ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, these NFTs unlock additional features within the game and hold immense value for players.

Metaisland embraces all NFT innovations and has the capacity to sell an unlimited number of them. Notably, ERC-1155 weapons leverage the date of minting to grow more powerful over time, fostering a vibrant secondary market where early minted items command higher prices compared to newer ones.

Furthermore, our NFTs can be rented out, providing an additional source of passive income for their owners. By carefully managing the supply, we ensure that the rental aspect addresses any induced scarcity, maximizing the value and utility of each NFT. Ultimately, NFTs continue to generate revenue long after their initial purchase, making them a lucrative investment opportunity for players and collectors alike.

Type of NFT

All of our NFTs will be sold with a 5% resale fee, which will be collected by us. If there is an author and copyright attached, we will share 2.5% with the original author. If there is no author, 5% of the royalties from each sale/resale will be collected as income for the company. This income will be reinvested in rewards for the stackers, as explained on the token economy page.

We will support four types of NFTs: Genesis, Unique, Super Rare, Rare, and Common.

  • Genesis NFTs will be available for presale before the game's launch and will only occur once.

  • Unique NFTs will be exclusive to a specific blockchain.

  • Super Rare NFTs will have 2-10 editions across any supported blockchain.

  • Rare NFTs will have 11-1000 editions across any supported blockchain.

  • Common NFTs will have 1001-10000+ editions across any supported blockchain.

Categories of NFT

Our NFTs will be categorized into the following types: Audio, Art, Skins, Objects, and Abilities.

  • Audio: This category will showcase music specifically composed for the game. Players who purchase an NFT will have the option to select their preferred in-game background music from a list of default options provided for free, as well as add their unique NFT possessions.

  • Art: This category encompasses sketches, drawings, and paintings created by talented artists to enrich the game's visuals. These artworks may be crafted using various techniques, depending on the artist's skills, and depict characters or features within the game. Each piece holds artistic value and bears the signature of the artist, making them exclusive to this format.

  • Skins: Skins offer cosmetic modifications for in-game characters or objects, allowing players to customize their appearance or attributes to suit their preferences.

  • Objects: This category includes various in-game items, such as weapons, tools, or collectibles, each possessing unique properties and functions to enhance gameplay.

  • Abilities: Abilities represent special skills or powers that players can acquire to augment their gameplay experience, providing strategic advantages and unlocking new gameplay possibilities.

Additionally, Avatars will serve as the equivalent of the Apes series, standing above the player's character. We will provide a diverse range of avatars created by talented authors, offering players a wide selection of unique and visually appealing options.

  1. Skins offer players a wide range of character and weapon customization options, including hairstyles, clothing, shoes, and other cosmetic elements. Each player will have the choice of two basic skins for each rank: one female and one male character, resulting in a total of 30 preset characters. If players desire further personalization for their characters, they can opt to purchase basic customization options from within the game. Additionally, NFTs will unlock an additional layer of customization, providing players with even more unique options to enhance their gaming experience.

  2. Objects function as tools within the game, each possessing distinct characteristics such as resistance, power, and specific functionalities. For example, rings may bestow magical powers, glasses may possess special abilities to detect enemies, and weapons may have their own unique capabilities. While players will have access to a variety of basic tools in the game, NFTs will not be mandatory for gameplay. However, all objects will eventually deteriorate after a certain amount of usage, with only NFTs offering unlimited usability. Moreover, unique objects with exceptional properties will be available exclusively as NFTs, opening up endless possibilities for players to explore.

  3. Abilities represent distinctive features that characters can acquire. For example, the ability to use a bow requires players to acquire the corresponding skill. Players can obtain these abilities through gameplay progression, or they can choose to immediately purchase them as NFTs. A plethora of special abilities, spells, healing capabilities, and more will be accessible as NFTs, enabling players to differentiate themselves and showcase their skills in the game.

NFT to have a unique skin for your character.

The NFT will be sold in the marketplaces or through our own store. The player will have a choice of 2 character for each Rank, one male or one female. In order to get a different skin, the NFT options will be possible.

NFT have some unique functions that makes them attractive.

Some abilities will be only available through NFT.

  • NFT cannot be broken - while non = NFT will and needs to be repaired.

  • NFT cannot be stolen or lost.

  • NFT get better with age, having a Bonus parameter that is increasing every month until the NFT is maxed out.

Supported NFT blockchain

We will support the most popular NFT blockchain


Official Website:

Token: ETH

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality launched in 2015. Ether or ETH is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain.

ETH is used to pay transaction fees (known as gas fees) on the Ethereum blockchain. OpenSea has no say in setting gas fees - they are determined by supply/demand and fluctuate according to network usage.

Exemple of NFT

One of the most influential NFTs will be the FOUNDER NFT. This NFT will grant its owner the ability to travel between servers without requiring authorization from the server administrator. For instance, even if a Meta Island server is at full capacity or set to private, a FOUNDER can seamlessly transfer their avatar into this server, with the administrator unable to object.

Furthermore, founders will be recognized by NPCs, who will treat them with respect, denoted by a FOUNDER logo attached to their name.

This NFT will be available on various marketplaces, such as 10x on Ethereum, 10x on Solana, 10x on OpenSea, etc. Our marketplace will list all available options and direct users to the respective product pages.


We believe that relying solely on individual marketplaces for each project is not a sustainable long-term approach to the NFT business. As marketplaces grow, they may become monopolized, resembling giants like Amazon or eBay. Our goal is to ensure maximum exposure for your NFTs, rather than confining them to a single platform and being restricted by technology updates that we may not have the time to keep up with.

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