The fighting is taking place outside the protected city places, in the Wild Zone or in specific areas.
Once the player is equipped, he is ready to go fighting.

RPG Characteristics

Each characters (NFT or not) has RPG characteristics similar to Baldur's Gate for example, the reference from Dungeons and Dragon adaptation.
However Metaisland is not a turn base type of game, all is calculated in real time.
For example each hit (bullets, punches) has a calculation based on dexterity, force, shield and the result is displayed as a number of life point loss, or a miss.
These RPG characteristics are for Monsters as well and are as follow
Force, Dexterity, Magic, Shield, Energy, Chararisma and of course Mana and Life that are the main component.
The play also has to eat and drink, he can purchase all of that in shops. Without eating and drinking, he is dying.
This is a screenshot from the game Player UI
Metaisland has more weapons and diverses options than ANY EXISTING GAME. Yes we have 35 different weapons, from bow, to blaster, with gravity guns, and of course many pistols, and rifles.
Snipers will be happy to snipe from the distance.
Gravity guns are legendary from Half Life and allows all kind of unique gameplay fun.
All the weapons have real life velocity and damage, they also have a limited durability unless they are NFT.
Fighting brings more participation and help to raise the player rank.
Fighting brings new weapons and magic objects found on the corpse of the enemies.
Fighting helps getting better at the ability to use weapons.