The fighting is taking place outside the protected city places, in the Wild Zone or in specific areas.

Once the player is equipped, he is ready to go fighting.

RPG Characteristics

Each character, whether an NFT or not, possesses RPG characteristics reminiscent of games like Baldur's Gate, which draw inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons adaptations. However, Metaisland is not a turn-based game; all actions occur in real-time.

For instance, every attack (whether with bullets or punches) undergoes calculations based on attributes such as dexterity, strength, and shield. The outcome is then displayed as either a loss of life points or a miss.

These RPG characteristics extend to monsters as well, including attributes like Strength, Dexterity, Magic, Shield, Energy, Charisma, and of course, Mana and Life, which are the primary components. Additionally, players must attend to their characters' basic needs such as eating and drinking, with provisions available for purchase in shops. Failure to do so will result in their character succumbing to hunger and thirst.

Metaisland boasts a greater variety of weapons and diverse options than any existing game. With an arsenal of 35 different weapons ranging from bows to blasters, including gravity guns, pistols, and rifles, players have an abundance of choices. Snipers will find joy in the opportunity to engage from a distance, while the inclusion of legendary gravity guns from Half-Life introduces unique and exhilarating gameplay possibilities.

Each weapon in Metaisland is meticulously designed with real-life velocity and damage mechanics, as well as limited durability, unless they are NFTs.

Fighting brings more participation and help to raise the player rank.

Fighting brings new weapons and magic objects found on the corpse of the enemies.

Fighting helps getting better at the ability to use weapons.

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