Meta Island supports 2 types of gameplay, third person shooter (TPS) and first person shooter (FPS). The movements are identical, only the position of the camera changes.

TPS view

The TPS view is the view by default. The camera is located behind the player and follows him as shown in the picture below. By pressing C, the camera change in FPS mode.
These photos are taken from our sandbox, not from the game. The character is skinned differently in the game.
TPS View

FPS view

The FPS view is from the eyes of the player. It is a more immersive visualization, used in high speed fighting games like Counter Strike for example. If you compare with the previous image it will look like this.

Basic movements

This is a non exhaustive list of the main character movements. There are hundred of animations, to blend from one action to another, or to adjust to a special movements, it is impossible to list them all here. Animation are not only Mocap, but they are also real time created, using hit collisions. So there total amount of animation is in the thousands. For example moving around (walking in all directions) has to work with a weapon in hand or a binocular, or with an object on the shoulders, or when the player knee down.
The photos are not real photo of the game. These are taken in our testing sandbox, with a dummy character.


When the player is using no keys.
Stand up
Knee down


The character can walk in all directions, move in reverse or left and right, turn around and have 3 speed.
Walking casually, at slow speed
Walking faster, in between walking and running
Running, which is the fastest speed.

Holding / using objects

The characters can be equipped with all kind of weapons, from knives to rifles. Here is a shot list, but there are more in the game.
Using a rifle
Using a gun
Using a light
Holding an object on his shoulder


The character can climb small and big objects, just as shown in the images bellow.
Climbing small objects, walls
Climbing huge walls

Misc movements

The character has some interesting options that are adding to the interactivity and gameplay such as.
Hiding behind walls
Stay in balance or narrow paths
Fight in close combat if attacked and not equipped.
Interact with the environment by pressing buttons or opening boxes.