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I have started this project on my own in France in January 2021. I then moved to Thailand to minimize the cost of development.

Role: CEO, author, game design programmer and musician.

Nicolas Choukroun (aka Nikko)

Nicolas Choukroun is the author of Metaisland. He is a musician and programmer since he is 10 years old. Self learning in all domains of creativity. Here are a list of his achievements through his about 40 years of experience of programming and creating amazing projects:

Nicolas Choukroun has done 6 video games as an author, collaborating on 3 games as a duo with Michel Ancel for companies like Ubisoft, Lankhor, Cryo Interactive, Fox and Mindscape. He worked with Laurent Cluzel for Electronic Arts, and as producer or game designer for Tengen, Sega, TSR (Dungeon & Dragon) and Broderbrund.

Has been one of the first to release an internet marketing software in 1998 named Ablaze, this tool was collecting emails by harvesting the net and the newsgroups, and was registering automatically to all the web search engines. The company was called

He was Director of Europe for eFront, one of the top 10 Internet property in 2000, in pre-IPO and living in Los Angeles at Orange County. He sold for 1.5 Millions $

He created about 20 audio plugins for the studio recording platform Creamware, creating his companies Gigfiles and DspDev. His reverb plugin the Gold Verb pro got the endorsement of Hans Zimmer, Birch Johnson and Igor Bolender.

He worked on the Euronext trading platform as a lead C++ programmer. This platform was used by most traders in the 2010's

He has been one of the first publisher at the Unity's asset store with and Smartwater a water simulation made with Unity. He sold dozen of assets at the asset store for 10+ years.

He created Kryptofranc with Jean Martial Lefranc, a truly original blockchain based on Bitcoin source code, he also did the the stratum server, the block explorer, the websites, and the mining pool!

He is now working full time on the Unreal Platform, in C++ and Blueprints, and has relocated in Thailand.

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