$ISL Token and $WOK

In this schema we are showing in which case the stable coin $WOK is used, and how it is bridged into and from $ISL.
You can notice that the exit is possible with many different currencies, but players and franchisee cannot bring anything else than $ISL in the game economy.
W.O.K corp is the only entity ability to mint $WOK and it can only be minted by converting $ISL.
The $ISL becomes the fuel that empower the whole meta economy.

$ISL Token usage

The token economy in Metaisland is relatively complex and can be resumed by this small markup
W.O.K Corp relies on three primary methods to generate continuous income:
Monthly Subscription: This allows individuals to subscribe to the system using either fiat or cryptocurrency, granting them franchise rights. Half of the generated revenue goes to W.O.K Corp, while the remaining half is allocated to the franchise owner.
NFT Sales: W.O.K Corp facilitates two types of NFT sales. Firstly, direct sales yield 100% profit for W.O.K Corp. Secondly, secondary market sales provide $WOK with 10% of the NFT's sale value, leaving the user with the remaining 90%. Users can choose to cash out through a cryptocurrency exchange (Cex) or reinvest in the Game Economy using $ISL, thereby increasing its value. Moreover, NFT rentals allow users to rent high-value NFTs, with 25% of the rental profit going to W.O.K Corp, 25% to the franchise owner, and 50% to the end user.
DeFI protocols like staking and liquidity pools.
The $ISL is the token listed in exchanges and that people can use to refill the island with rewards. its usage is complex and guarantee a high number of transaction and a global wide usage cases.
This comprehensive mechanism consists of four essential components: Airdrop, Play-to-Earn, Stacking (Shop Rentals), and Tips from other players. Users have the option to exchange or bridge rewards to any supported network, deciding whether to cash out through Cex or reinvest in the economy by purchasing $ISL Tokens. Additionally, a portion of the end user's stacking contributes to the Liquidity Pool.
Acquiring a Franchise involves purchasing $ISL Tokens, the governance token $WOK, from a cryptocurrency exchange and depositing them into the Metaisland system. This intricate system creates a mutually beneficial income generation model for both the corporation and its users within the gaming and blockchain ecosystems.
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