WOK-OS is located at https://wok-os.com . It is the portal to the Meta Island online personal profile management.
The WOK-OS is the database online of all the players, regardless on which server they chose to play. It centralizes all the transactions, the crypto operations, and the player management, as well as the rentals and abilities. The WOK-OS portal is available through any device, because it is also a website located here: https:// wok-os.com
The login page of WOK-OS
The WOK-OS is the central management server, where the transactions are validated, the NFT are scanned, the crypto swapped and basically all the economy is managed.
The clients are separated and they can use any type of visualization on any platform. We can imagine that WOK clients could be in 3D, 2D, Virtual Reality, WEB or any other medium