Unique Features

Metaisland stand out from the crowd by its shear complexity and advanced features.

Metaisland unique features

Metaisland, a groundbreaking AAA Metaverse product, has been developed over three years by a team of 10 experienced gaming and crypto professionals. This unique concept combines innovative features for both the Gaming and Crypto industries.

Key Features:

  • AI Gaming: With AI, it is possible to shift the paradigm of basic games, which are traditionally linear. In a classic game, you start simply and follow a set path, encountering and overcoming roadblocks repeatedly until you reach the end. It is based on the repetition of the same tasks over and over until you become an expert and win.

  • Experienced Team: Metaisland boasts a team with a collective 30 years of experience, including veterans from Ubisoft and EA, such as Serge Hascouet and Laurent Cluzel.

  • Game Innovation: Real-time balancing, 35+ weapons, 20+ enemies, and a diverse set of +200 characters create an engaging and dynamic gaming experience.

  • Franchise Concept: Unique franchise opportunities allow players to manage their own islands, customize gameplay, and share profits.

  • Procedural Gameplay: Unlike traditional games, Metaisland's procedural design allows for limitless gameplay.

  • Expanded Universe: Based on seven books, Metaisland offers a foundation for expansion into various media, including movies, cartoons, and comics.

Crypto Integration:

  • Built with Crypto in Mind: Metaisland was developed with a comprehensive crypto concept.

  • DeFi Aspects: Unique features include daily airdrops, staking for rewards, and a subscription business model using the $ISL token.

  • NFT Integration: Over 70,000 unique trading cards and weapons/items with time-based enhancements using ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

  • NFT Rental: Users can rent out NFTs for passive income, contributing to scarcity and value.

  • Play-to-Earn: The play-to-earn model is facilitated through the franchise system, involving island owners purchasing $ISL tokens.

  • Ranking System: A social ranking system creates an internal economy where higher-ranked players offer services and receive tips.

Go-to-Market Strategy:

  • Demos and Community Building: Existing demos have been in place for a year, and the token will be launched for airdrops and NFT distribution to build a strong community.

  • Phased Launch: Two-phase launch involving the distribution of NFTs and tokens, followed by the sale of the game with a subscription model.

  • Community Engagement: Influencers, challenges, and rewards will be used to engage and grow the investor base during the development phase.


Metaisland, a top-tier Metaverse product, offers a unique and comprehensive gaming experience, integrating both gaming and crypto elements for investors and gamers alike.

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